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Litigation & Appeals

Business disputes happen. When they do, we can offer advice and, if necessary, advocacy.

Litigation & Appeals

In nearly every instance, it’s best to avoid litigation. Lawsuits are stressful, costly, and—worst of all—uncertain. None of these things are good for businesses. But sometimes the potential benefits of a lawsuit outweigh these costs, and so businesses sue one another, or at least threaten to sue. When that happens, we can represent your interests by negotiating a settlement or acting as an advocate in the court system.

 Litigation and Appeals

Business Litigation

Inevitably, disputes arise between businesses. Maybe one party isn’t performing the service it promised to do under the contract, or maybe the other party isn’t paying what it promised to pay under the contract. Maybe the parties never signed a contract, but had a verbal understanding that has not come to pass.

Whatever the case, we offer advice and, if necessary, advocacy once a relationship takes an adversarial turn. Often, formal litigation is not in the best interests of either party, but still the prospect of a lawsuit can often bring the parties to the bargaining table to work out a fair compromise.

Civil Appeals

We handle civil appeals across a number of different practice areas, not just business and commercial litigation. Mark has a particular interest in appellate work and has previously handled appeals in the Washington Court of Appeals, the Washington Supreme Court, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Mark has unique insight into how appellate courts decide cases, having clerked for a court of appeals judge after law school.

Other Disputes

If you need help resolving a legal dispute, don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if you don’t see your type of dispute here. We might be able to help or, at the very least, refer you to someone who can.