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Tyson Law helps employers, employees, consultants, freelancers, and others with their employment-related legal needs, including reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts.


Nearly every small business, freelancer, and employee will need a lawyer’s help handling an employment issue. Typically this involves reviewing a contract and offering advice, or drafting a contract from scratch. Sometimes it requires negotiating contract terms with another party or their lawyer. Whatever your specific needs, Mark’s goal is always to explain things clearly and offer practical advice for minimizing risk and maximizing productive work relationships.

Employment Lawyer in Seattle

For Employers

Small businesses dread the hassle and expense of dealing with employment issues. Tyson Law’s solution is to give you tools to streamline how you handle employment issues. For example, if you need an employment agreement, Mark will draft the agreement but also include a guide for how you can customize the agreement for future use. That way you only have to call when bigger issues come up.

Bigger issues may include things like independent contractor classification, non-compete agreements, and H-1B visa petitions, just to name a few. Mark can offer both quick answers to specific questions as they arise and strategic advice on general policies and procedures that will keep you in good standing for the long haul.

For Employees, Independent Contractors, & Freelancers

For the average person, it’s tough to know what to do when you’re handed a work-related contract. Whether it’s an employment agreement, a consultant agreement, or something else, there are probably at least a few clauses you don’t understand and a half dozen others you have questions about. If you’re being offered stock or other equity in the company (say at Amazon, Microsoft, or Facebook), your head may be spinning just trying to decipher what it all means.

If you’re in this position, you should get the help you need. Mark knows cost is a primary concern. That’s why Tyson Law uses flat fees so you’ll know how much you’ll have to pay from the start.