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We can help you review, negotiate, or prepare written contracts. Whatever the scope or scale of the project, we’re ready to help.


Contracts are the backbone of commerce. When drafted effectively, contracts provide the predictability and security that businesses need. But it’s hard for most non-lawyers to draft a good contract, even in over-educated Seattle. It can be harder still to tell if a contract prepared by the other party is fair to you. Whether you need to draft, review, or negotiate a contract, we can help.


Contract Review

Reading a contract can be daunting. Half of the legalese you don’t understand, and it’s easy to spin your wheels for hours trying to think of every scenario you want to be protected from. It can be a relief to go through a contract line-by-line with a trained eye. That’s what we do: provide the clarity you need to make the best possible decision with the information you have.

Whether you’re reviewing an employment contract, a master service agreement, a vendor contract, or one of the many other kinds of contracts out there, we can translate the legal jargon into plain English and explain how it affects you or your business.

Contract Drafting

Drafting a contract is all about precision. Loose or ambiguous language causes confusion and can lead to costly and contentious disputes. We can take your goals for entering into the contract and articulate them in a precise and comprehensive way. And we can do it quickly.

We can prepare a number of different contracts, including consultant agreements, joint venture agreements, non-compete agreements, independent contractor agreements, and many more. No matter what type of contract you need, our goal is always to protect your interests.

Custom Contract Templates

We like to prepare custom contract templates for our clients to re-use as needed. For example, if you plan to retain a number of different independent contractors, we can prepare a custom independent contractor agreement that you can easily tweak and re-use for subsequent workers. That way you only have to call us when you really need us.