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Employment Flat Fees

Tyson Law offers flat fees for employment-related legal issues, including employment and independent contractor agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, and H-1B visa petitions.

Flat Fees: Employment

Below are a few of the flat fees commonly offered for employment projects. While these are the most popular options, they are by no means the only ones offered, and so don’t hesitate to get in touch about flat fees for other employment projects.


Contractor Agreement


The flat fee for preparing a contractor agreement starts at $625.* Using contractors, rather than hiring employees, can be a considerable cost-saver to businesses. But you can’t do this safely without contracts in place that clearly set out the nature of the relationship between your business and the contractors you use. Using a free template you don’t fully understand is no substitute for a custom contract.

*The fee you’re quoted may be higher depending on the complexity of the project. The flat fee doesn’t include government filing fees, which must be paid by the client.

Non-Compete Agreement


The flat fee for preparing a non-compete starts at $750.* Mark can prepare a non-compete agreement to help ensure that your company’s IP & confidential information aren’t disclosed to a competitor if your employee leaves or is fired. Mark will ensure the restrictions in the agreement are reasonable, as is required in Washington for the agreement to be enforceable. Read more about the benefits of non-competes here.

H-1B Visa Petition


The flat fee for an H-1B visa petition starts at $2,000.* The H-1B is one of the primary visas employers use to hire and employ foreign workers in the U.S. Mark works with you and your prospective employee to prepare and submit first a labor condition application to the Department of Labor and then an H-1B petition to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Don’t See A Flat Fee Listed For Your Project?